Who we are

Our family­business

Skiing has inspired the people at Bödele for over 100 years. In the 50s and 60s of the last century this enthusiasm also hit Schwarzenberg. For generations, my family has lived in Schwarzenberg on Oberkaltberg, where in the 1960s, the »Haldenlift« was built. The original building of family Berchtold is located about 100 meter above the valley station. Thus my uncles and aunts as well as my father basically grew up with skiing. My mother also comes from a family of ski enthusiasts, who had their »Vorsaeß« (the middle one of 3 mountain pastures where livestock is brought to in the shoulder seasons) at Halde, today's Haldenstüble. So, I am too on skis since the age of two. Initially at SC Schwarzenberg where we trained daily at Haldenlift, later in the VVS junior squad and eventually as certified ski instructor with ski guide on the slopes and mountains near and far.

By now I, Josef Berchtold, have been working in our family business for over 10 years. In spring (from the middle of march) when the season ends at Bödele, I am drawn deeper into Bregenzerwald. My years abroad as a ski instructor were limited to the summer months here and took me to faraway Australia – YES, you can in fact ski there. “Down Under” I gained valuable and exciting experiences which helped me a lot to understand our small but fine Bödele better and appreciate it even more.

In season 2017/18 I took over the ski school management from my father. My core team of ski instructors consists of several experienced colleagues with my mother Marika as well as young ski instructors. On holidays and weekends we are supported by numerous students. It's very important to me to value the experiences of my ski instructors and combine them with mine to constantly refine our service.

We are a small core team of 7 ski instructors, including myself, with up to 20 teachers at peak times. Regular training is very important to me to ensure everyone is working on their technique but also on their methodical teaching. Because all of our skiing students should enjoy and improve their skiing experience with enthusiasm and pleasure.

Exactly for this skiing experience we have created a business over all these years that offers you a complete and professional service around skiing at Bödele. We offer tailor-made, individual private courses for children and adults at all skill levels, as well as group courses for kids from 4 or 5 years. A complete service also includes the right equipment and a ski pass – all this you get at our family business – skibödele. Competent and stress-free!

Josef Berchtold, ski school director & marketing expert